About Joe Welch

Originally From: Bronson, Michigan015

Family: Wife, Amy and two children, son, Jacks 10 yrs old and daughter, Reese 7 yrs old

Resides: Mt Pleasant, SC

About Welch Custom Homes

  • Building in the Charleston area for 10 years
  • Have experience in custom residential and Class A commercial office
  • Really enjoy the entire process of developing a plan, working through the many stages and seeing everything come together
  • Love to be onsite and dealing directly with the homeowners and sub-contractors in all phases of the construction process
  • Feel a real sense of teamwork and realize the importance of everyone working together toward a common goal – which is to deliver a custom home that meets and exceeds the original expectations, stays on budget and completed on time
  • Sub-contractor base is all local and most have been working together for the past 8 years. This assures a quality job along with knowing that the sub-contractors will stand behind their work and not “disappear” when the job is done